Insider Tips and Strategies That Help You Master the World's Largest Business Network

This comprehensive guide shows you how to increase your valuable contacts and maximize your influence with millions of key people -Brian Tracy, best-selling author

LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, so if networking for business matters to you, mastering this book is not optional. It's mandatory. Ted is not only the #1 person to turn to for advanced LinkedIn advice; he's also a very conscientious, service-oriented professional and a gifted teacher. -Perry Marshall, best-selling author

As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted has to say! -Joel Comm, NY Times best-selling author

Ted Prodromou wrote the book on LinkedIn. I used to say the real secret to success is to get out there and work like hell. This book is full of actionable strategies that will impact your bottom line immediately so you don't have to work as hard. -Frank Kern, the world's highest paid direct marketer
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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn For Business
Second Edition by Ted Prodromou with Foreword by James Malinchak
LinkedIn, which began in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002, is now the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with 330 million users. This vast resource is not only the number one way reconnect with former colleagues and employers and get job leads, it has become the fastest-growing, most powerful source for businesses to target the right potential customers, partners, and employees.

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, by longtime Internet authority Ted Prodromou, offers a wealth of zero or low-cost methods for maximizing this dynamic resource. It’s easy to get started on LinkedIn, but fully mastering its intricacies and knowing how to get the most effective connections that lead to greater exposure, increased marketshare, and breakout sales can be tricky and time-consuming. Whereas most people think of LinkedIn as merely a way to get “job leads,” those who follow Ted’s instruction develop a strategic approach to engaging people and multiplying the links that can open up business in revolutionary, unexpected ways—including globally.
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