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This is the only live class in 2020

What You Get With Linked Accelerator
  • LinkedIn webinar training lessons where you see what's working on LinkedIn right now
  • 90 Days of Live bi-monthly Q&A sessions where we work on your LinkedIn sales funnel
  •  Over 20 bonus modules of video training
  • Private Facebook group so you can network with other business professionals
Course Modules
  • Module 0: Setting Your Goals
  • Module 1:  Identifying Your Ideal Customer + Getting Their Attention
  • Module 2: Creating Your Killer LinkedIn Profile + Generating Interest
  • ​Module 3: Building Your Professional Network
  • Module 4: Increasing Desire for Your Services Using LinkedIn Messages
  • ​Module 5: Moving Your LinkedIn Connections into Your Sales Funnel
  • ​Module 6: Getting Prospects to Take Action and Open Their Wallet
  • ​Module 7: Advanced LinkedIn and Social Selling Training
  • ​Module 8: Bonus Training
This is the only live class in 2020
Only $997
What They're Saying About Ted Prodromou and Linked Accelerator
"As author of Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing, my publisher, Entrepreneur Press, asked me who should write their book on LinkedIn. I told them "Get Ted Prodromou.” Ted is an expert practitioner of direct marketing whom I enlisted to teach my own students on several occasions."
Perry Marshall
Best-selling Author and Marketing Expert

"As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted Prodromou has to say!"
Joel Comm
New York Times Best-selling Author and New Media Marketing Strategist
"Ted Prodromou wrote the book on LinkedIn. I used to say the real secret to success was to get out there and work like hell but the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Linked Accelerator are full of actionable strategies that will impact your bottom line immediately so you don't have to work as hard."
Frank Kern
Digital Marketing Strategist
"This comprehensive course shows you how to increase your valuable contacts and maximize your influence with millions of key people"
Brian Tracy
New York Times Best-selling Author and International Speaker
"Everyone knows it smart to connect with over 380+ million business people on LinkedIn. However very few people know how to connect on LinkedIn profitably; without wasting tons of time and money. If you want to know the behind-the-scenes; real-world strategies, you need to read and listen to Ted Prodromou. Ted has helped me tremendously and his course is jam-packed with nuggets of instantly applicable tips and tricks to save you time and money… and give you a roadmap to actually making money on LinkedIn."
Scott Keffer
Best-selling Author and Founder of Double Your Affluent Clients
"Ted provided an incredibly simple solution to understanding and using LinkedIn. He was not only timely in his practical knowledge, but also innovative and creative in his application. Very personable and encouraging for supporting business success! Looking forward to adding the latest edition of his book to my library."
Andy Peterson
Director of Business Development - Kahuna Business Systems
"I discovered Ted’s great knowledge of LinkedIn less than a month ago when he generously answered some questions I had about LinkedIn in a group we both participate in. I am amazed at the results I have experienced implementing just a few of his suggestions. In less than a month, I added-lets just say it's LOTS of quality contacts, and moved into the top 1% of my connections ranking. I can’t wait to see what happens in month two using Ted’s techniques. Thank you for sharing your secrets of how to use LinkedIn to grow a professional network! Can’t wait to see your advanced techniques!"
Lucy Morgan
Federal Grant Management Advisor
"After meeting Ted and becoming aware of his LinkedIn knowledge, experience, and talent, I had the privilege to put his work into action by following the skill sets described in his best-selling books. After implementing the specific steps suggested to complete the client's LinkedIn profile, I completed my own LinkedIn Profile. Pleasantly, we reached an All-Star LinkedIn level surpassing the expectations I had for completing the LinkedIn profile management. Interestingly enough, we only got started! The best is yet to come as we are already increasing our connections by several people a day, and we have only implemented about 60% of the tidbits suggested for world class connections! Thanks Ted for making LinkedIn easy to implement and fun to follow! "
Andrea Adams-Miller
CEO & Founder of The RED Carpet Connection
"I discovered Ted on LinkedIn and attended a webinar he was offering. It was the first in-depth training on LinkedIn I had ever had and it was an eye-opener. I’ve implemented as much of the training as I could and the results were immediate. The quality of the people responding to my group comments or postings, those viewing my profile and the number of connection requests have gone up significantly.
My greatest success so far was following Ted’s advice on building authority. My second publication on LinkedIn’s Pulse had nearly 9,000 views, 460 “likes”, and 59 comments within 2 days. The quality of the commenters was high and their comments provided me with a ton of content for further posts.
Anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn presence to a new level should get this book and take his course."
Tom Dewell
Founder - Dewell Consulting
"Ted’s insights and coaching have been instrumental to our efforts for building an effective LinkedIn presence with our high-profile clients.  With his help we have developed a strategy to navigate LinkedIn in a manner that promotes the value we bring to high potential leaders and executives in Fortune 500 companies.  The breadth and depth of Ted’s expertise as well as his ability to patiently guide us through the LinkedIn maze has significantly impacted our bottom-line.  He is one of our most valued resources."
Susan Gatton
Executive Coach
"Ted has helped me enormously in getting my linked in profile vastly improved. His recommendations have made all of the difference in the world. Without question, he is the most knowledgeable person about linked in I have come across. Our ability to do lead gen using linked in has improved dramatically. Thank you so much Ted! I will be using your help again."
David (dk) Klein
CEO - White Hat SEO
"Ted Prodromou is an excellent trainer on the topic of LinkedIn. I knew quite a bit about LinkedIn, so I thought, but gained so much more useful knowledge from Ted's teachings. It was one of the best investments I have made in my social media education.

LinkedIn is changing constantly and is getting better all the time. Ted is on top of all the new changes and is really passionate about LinkedIn and its use as a viable business-building tool. He teaches in a very down-to-earth manner, which I like, and he is very integral in his methodologies.

I believe there is a very good window of opportunity in building a successful LinkedIn platform and Ted Prodromou can help you do that."
Maggie Holbik
Business and Social Media Coach
Become A LinkedIn Marketing Guru - The Easy Way
This brand new LinkedIn training shows you strategies that are working today. No outdated information with over 20 hours of video training. 

This training is based on my best-selling, award-winning book Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business. 
Engage Your Connections
Discover how to engage your connections in conversations so they get to know, like and trust you quickly
Automate Your Marketing
Create your automated LinkedIn prospecting funnel that runs 24/7/365
Network With Experts
Exclusive access to our private members forum where you get expert and peer support
Close More Deals With Less Effort

Thousands of business professionals just like you from around the world have completed the Linked Accelerator course. You will instantly see more profile views by your ideal clients, your professional network will grow exponentially, you will receive more referrals and your calendar will be full of appointments every week.

Linked Accelerator is based on the proven AIDA marketing process which has been used by successful businesses for years. 

  • ATTENTION - Get the attention of your ideal prospect and stand above your competitors on LinkedIn
  • INTEREST - Get your prospects interested in you and your product/service
  • DESIRE​- Convince your prospects that they want and desire your product/service and it will satisfy their needs
  • ACTION - Lead your prospects to take action and become your customer
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